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Armed Forces on protection against terrorist networks

Thu, 16 May 2019 17:41 - Politics

Angolan State should adopt all forms of defence to protect its territory against any aggression, including terrorist networks.

The warning came from the commander of the northern Cabinda province’s Military Region, Amílcar David Eugénio on Wednesday.

The FAA high ranking officer made the alert at the opening of the 16th Methodological Meeting of Chiefs of Telecommunication Directorates of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

The Lt. General stressed that the nature of the threats called for caution, given the intensification of terrorist networks in some African countries.

Therefore, there is the need to adopt prevention and protection measures, he told the two-day meeting.

He said that it was in this context that the FAA have been preventively directing their action strategy to prevent any kind of action that would undermine hard-attained peace and stability.

In his speech, Amílcar Eugénio pointed out the advantages of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), but he warned that they can create facilities in the criminal activities.

The meeting is taking place ahead of the ongoing modernisation process of the Angolan Armed forces.

The Works are guided by the chief of Telecommunication Directorate of General Staff of FAA, Tomás Tchitchi Vemba.