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Politician Moco suggests adequacy of government models to country's reality

Mon, 15 Apr 2019 18:09 - Politics

Huambo - Politician and academic Marcolino José Carlos Moco today in Huambo city defended the need to adapt government models to the reality of the country, to better solve social and economic problems.

  • Politician Marcolino Moco

Addressing the theme "Angola a new departure", during a conference held by the "Jango cultural" citizenship project, stated that the holding of periodic elections should not continue to be seen in Angola as the only way to solve the problems which afflict the nation.

He argued that the country is in its fourth legislature, but the situation of the Angolan society has not improved little in favor of the citizens, which, in his opinion, imposes the contextual adoption of new governmental models.

"Unfortunately, the country continues to face the same problems that have arisen from past governance, although there have been changes since the 2017 elections in the new government to correct the old mistakes," he said.

For the former prime minister of Angola and executive secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), adapting to the governance models of Europe and America without a previous study of the local reality has increasingly complicated social and economic life of Angolans.

Addressing those attending the conference, mostly members of political parties, representatives of civil society organizations, professors and university students, Marcolino Moco disagreed with the reiterated view that multiparty elections are an end to good governance.