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Minister considers high levels of drug trafficking

Mon, 02 Dec 2019 18:48 - Politics

Luanda - Justice and Human Rights Minister Francisco Queiroz admitted this Monday in Luanda that drug trafficking levels in the country are high.

  • Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Manuel Monteiro de Queiroz
  • Participantes workshop sobre a "Implementação das Convenções das Nações Unidas sobre Drogas e Crimes (UNODC)"

Speaking to the press, during the opening of the workshop on “Implementation of the United Nations Convention on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC)”, the minister therefore called for more efficient international cooperation to combat trafficking.

"If we are not prepared, with international cooperation, we will not be able to do it," said the minister, adding, without presenting statistics, that the levels are high compared to previous years.

Francisco Queiroz pointed out that Angola is below other states in the region in which it operates.

According to the official, the criminals take advantage of Angola as being a “rotating plate” of the region and the vulnerability of the maritime and land borders (over 2500 km2) to traffic heavy drugs such as cocaine and cannabis.