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Attorney General Office investigates UCKG religion scandal

Tue, 03 Dec 2019 11:06 - Politics

Luanda - The Attorney General Office (PGR) has been investigating for some time now the allegations of chemical castration and vasectomy in which are allegedly submitted some pastors of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) in Angola.

  • Mota Liz, Deputy-Attorney General

The information reached ANGOP last Monday, through the Deputy-Attorney General of the Republic, Mota Liz.

On November 28, a group of bishops and preachers announced officially the break with the head of that church, Edir Macedo, due to alleged doctrinal practices that are contrary to religion, such as the requirement to accept vasectomy, as well as for the practice of capital flight.

A letter signed by over 300 bishops and preachers denounced that, in the last 12 months, the Brazilian leadership headed by Edir Macedo, started forcing Angolan preachers to undergo the vasectomy process.

As a response, the headquarters of that religious institution declared that all complaints are nothing more than lies made up by ex-preachers who were expelled from the institution due to moral misconduct, apparently even including criminal behaviour, with the sole purpose of having their greed satisfied.

Asked about it, Mota Liz stated that “a denunciation of chemical castration is already being investigated for some time now. And this process runs its normal course. ”

The PGR took note of the 28 November complaint and believes that “new elements” have emerged that will certainly be submitted to analysis and investigation.

Nevertheless, the top prosecutor encouraged the citizens to inform the PGR whenever they come across criminal facts, even by unofficial means, and the institution, in its turn, will investigate, clarify the matter and, if necessary, file a lawsuit.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Angola is a religious institution under Angolan law, registered with the Ministry of Justice, under number 26, and published in the State Gazette on July 17, Series I and number 28.