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MPs approve joint opinion report of Special Consumption Tax

Thu, 10 Jan 2019 17:15 - Politics

Luanda - The specialized committees of the National Assembly this Thursday approved the Joint Opinion Report on the Generality of the Law Proposal of the Special Consumption Tax Code, which discourages the expenditure of certain products or goods considered superfluous and harmful to health.

  • Partial view of a Parliament session (file)

The bill aims, in the scope of consumption taxation, to physically penalize taxpayers who choose to consume superfluous or exclusive access goods and aggravate their impact on health, the environment and public safety.

The document, which will be discussed in general at the next plenary session of the National Assembly, is a mechanism to compensate the State for the social and environmental cost induced by the consumption of certain non-essential goods or products whose patrimonial sacrifice rests on the taxpayers.

The Committees on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, State Administration and Local Authorities, as well as on Economy and Finance also unanimously approved the Joint Opinions Reports in most of the proposals of the Law on Value Added Tax (VAT) of Amendment to the Industrial Tax Code and the Labor Income Tax Code.The documents will also be discussed in general at the next plenary session of the National Assembly.