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Attorney General calls for cooperation in administration of justice

Tue, 12 Jun 2018 17:46 - Politics

Luanda - The Attorney General, Hélder Pitta Gróz, on Tuesday in Luanda urged the new prosecutors to cooperate with the other bodies involved in the administration of justice, applying the law to the socio-cultural reality of the country.

  • Attorney General of the Republic Hélder Pitta Gróz (file)

Hélder Pitta Gróz made this statement when speaking at the inauguration of 25 new prosecutors, 20 magistrates appointed to senior management positions, 11 deputy prosecutors and one deputy director of the prosecutor general's office.

He said that cooperation between operators involved in the administration of justice would make it easier to operate this sector for the benefit of the population.

"There are no organs or institutions more important as all of them work for the same purpose and only united we will be able to successfully carry out the reforms that are intended in justice and in law," defended the Attorney General.

As for the magistrates promoted to the category of deputy prosecutors, Hélder Pitta Gróz asked for greater professional motivation.