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Gradualism may increase regional asymmetries - CASA-CE

Wed, 16 May 2018 10:20 - Politics

Luanda - The adoption of the model of territorial gradualism in the future local elections for 2020 will be an unconstitutional act and will aggravate the existing inequalities and regional asymmetries, said on Tuesday in Luanda CASA-CE president, Abel Chivukuvuku.

The CASA-CE president said so at the conference on local elections, promoted by his electoral coalition, warning of a possible flow of inter-municipal migration with the gradual implementation of t6he referred local elections.

According to him, the flow will be triggered because citizens living in municipalities not covered by the local elections process will seek new opportunities in regions transformed into local authorities.

The Angolan Constitution provides in its article 242 that the effective institutionalization of local authorities comply with the principle of gradualism.

The Angolan Constitution emphasizes that the competent organs of the State determine by law the timing of its creation, the gradual extension of its attributions, the assessment of merit and the transitoriness between the local administration of the State and local authorities.

Nevertheless, the politician understands that if geographical gradualism is adopted, it will aggravate the development gap between the coast, the interior and the east of the country, which will imply in the ethnic discrimination of the peoples of Lunda, Cokwe and Nganguela, inhabitants of the east of the country, a region that will probably be relegated to the background.