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Angolan Embassy in Kenya terminates rental contract with landlord

Wed, 16 May 2018 10:12 - Politics

Luanda - The Angolan Embassy in Kenya has decided to terminate the rental contract it had with the owner of the building in which the facility of the Embassy was functioning, announced the diplomatic mission on Tuesday, through a press communiqué.

  • Angolan foreign affairs ministry building

The Embassy clarified on the communiqué that the landlord was informed in due time about the cancelling of the rental contract and the compromise to pay off all the outstanding debt.

The Embassy has taken such a decision also in the ambit of costs reductions in diplomatic missions being carried out by the Angolan Foreign Affairs Ministry.     

ANGOP learnt on Monday that the owner of the property, former Kenyan senator James Mutama, ignored the rules of the Vienna Convention on the matter and decided by force to close the property with padlocks and demanded full and immediate payment of the rental debt.

In view of such incident, the Embassy has been instructed to present a verbal note to the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry.

This move was confirmed by the director for Africa and Middle East of the Angolan Foreign Affairs Ministry, Joaquim do Espírito Santo, who has been contacted by ANGOP.

Meanwhile, the Angolan ambassador to Kenya, Syanga Abilio, last Monday morning was received in an audience by the general secretary of the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry, in the ambit of that incident.    

ANGOP has learnt that Angolan Embassy has already found a different location, in Nairobi, to set up its offices.

The Kenyan ambassador to Angola, Josephat Kaunda Maikara, has assured that the incident is sorted out and pledged avoidance of such complications in future.  

Angola and Kenya have agreements in the areas of tourism, agriculture, education, crude-oil, gas and aviation. The two countries have manifested willingness to strengthen the co-operation relations.