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Local government system boosts solution to problems

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 18:03 - Politics

Luanda - The local authorities system will help speed up the solution to the people's problems, due to their direct involvement in the process, said Monday in Luanda the Bishop of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World (Tocoísta ) Church, Afonso Nunes.

  • Afonso Nunes - Tocoista church leader

The Bishop was speaking at a press conference, ahead of the 83rd anniversary since the Church’s founder Simão Toco allegedly met with God, on April 17.

Afonso Nunes said that the system of local authorities will allow decisions to be made locally, contributing to sustainable development.

According to him, this model of governance allows the resolution to problems among communities, such as repair of roads, construction of schools, hospitals, water supply and electricity.

Simão Gonçalves Toco was born in 1918 in Sadi-Zulumongo, Municipality of Maqueça do Zombo, northern province of Uíge (Angola), and died in Luanda in 1984.