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Protesters demand return of illegally exported capital

Sun, 15 Apr 2018 10:19 - Politics

Luanda - Dozens of people gathered in Luanda this Saturday to demand that the illicitly exported capital be returned to the country and given to the state's treasury.

  • Protesters demand repatriation of capital illegal taken abroad
  • Académico Fernando Macedo
  • Activista Laura Macedo

Demonstrators, who responded to calls from the movement to warn about the repatriation of capital, displayed posters saying "repatriation yes, but no money laundering."

The protestors is associated with the Proposed Law on the Repatriation of Financial Resources Domiciled outside the Country, on the initiative of the President of the Republic, and the Draft Extraordinary Regime of Patrimonial Regulation (RERP), proposed by UNITA, the largest opposition party .

The proposal promoted by the Government allows the repatriation of deposits abroad without asking questions about the origin of the money and has no concern about the heritage, while the UNITA provides for the payment to the State of a rate of 45% over the total.