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President João Lourenço materialises promised proximity governance

Wed, 05 Dec 2018 10:26 - Politics

Luanda - Angolan political analysts have been saluting the initiative of the Angolan President, João Lourenço, of talking to various representatives of the civil society, thus materialising his promise of adopting a governance of proximity with the citizens.

  • political analyst, Osvaldo Mboco.
  • Civil society representatives received in audience by the Head of State.
  • Civil society representatives received in the Presidential Palace

Last Tuesday, João Lourenço received in an audience representatives of several non-governmental organisations and civic associations and analysed with them current pertinent matters.    

Expressing his opinion on this presidential move, the sociologist João Paulo Ganga said that by conversing with personalities that often criticise the government President João Lourenço is honouring the promise of making a broad concert with the society.  

“This is a very good initiative, but one has to pay attention to the fact that the civil society is not restricted to (the provinces of) Luanda and Benguela. The process has to be extended to the whole national territory in an inclusive way”, emphasised the sociologist.

The same idea has been defended by the political analyst Osvaldo Mboco, who stressed that the audience “opened a channel of a closer dialogue between the Government and the civil society”.

With such step, he advocated, the bases were laid for the civil society to present its problems and concerns.

On his turn, the university lecturer Wilton Micolo has defended that such move opens a new horizon in the country’s political landscape and democratic consolidation process.

“The President of the Republic tried to pass a message to society with the idea that there are no exclusions, only Angolans that want to contribute to the democratisation and development of the country” Wilton Micolo underscored.

Among the citizens that were received by the Head of State on Tuesday were representatives of the Justice, Peace and Development Association (AJPD), National Youth Council (CNJ), HANDECA association, Free Hands Association, OMUNGA) association and Action for Rural Development and Environment (ADRA).