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MPLA deputy president assesses Cela hospital

Fri, 07 Dec 2018 12:06 - Politics

Sumbe - The deputy leader of the ruling MPLA party Luisa Damião Friday assessed the conditions of Cela Regional Hospital, National Radio and Aldeia Nova Project, in Waco Kungo locality, coastal Cuanza Sul province.

  • Luísa Damião, MPLA deputy president

Luisa Damião has been in Wako Kungo since Thursday to chair the central event of 62nd anniversary of foundation of this political organisation on December 10.

Luisa Damião is representing the party's president, João Lourenço at the event scheduled for 8th Saturday.

The agenda includes a visit to the local infrastructure, with stress to the new power substation.

MPLA was founded on December 10, 1956.