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Bengo: Public servants urged to be committed to work

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 07:47 - Politics

Caxito - The governor of Bengo province, João Bernardo de Miranda, urged on Wednesday in Caxito city the public servants to renounce the old attitudes that promote the irremediable stagnation.

  • provincial Governor of Bengo, João Bernardo de Miranda

According to João Miranda, who was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the province's new governing body, he said imperatively that the public servants must make their collective position reflect on a new direction for the good of the country.

He recalled that the State has, increasingly, to be a State and deserve its agents.

The governor recommended the Provincial Office of Health within eight days to adopt a plan of action to stop the theft of drugs in hospital institutions, as well as illegal collection of services provided to citizens.

For the education sector, the governor said there were several approved actions that are yet to be implemented, criticizing the deliberate bureaucracy of certain officials with reprehensible or unworthy practices.

He appealed to the Director of the Provincial Office of Education to hold permanent talks with the teachers’ union  in order to make a valuable contribution to the proper functioning of the sector and deprive certain elements of the political motives hidden in the demands they make.

For the agricultural area, João Miranda advocated the conception of new ways to promote the emergence of cooperatives, implying in a direct way, above all, the communal administrators.

"Annual farming campaigns have to be balanced on a regular basis and take full advantage of peasants' popular wisdom. It is necessary for the monitoring of the entrepreneurs of the sector, advocating their cause with the banks for the sake of the diversification of our economy", he said.