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Elections/2017: Ruling MPLA party seeking to exploit transport sector

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 14:36 - Politics

Dundo - The ruling MPLA party presidential candidate João Lourenço Friday reaffirmed the intention to keep taking advantage of air, land, rail and maritime transport for development of national economy.

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The MPLA candidate was speaking Friday at mass rally held in Dundo city, eastern Lunda Norte province.

In his speech, João Lourenço cited the local airport, opened this week as well as other infrastructure, as additional evidence of interest in the country's economic growth.

As an example, he said,  the current runway of the airport went from 1,500 meters to 2,500 meters.

According to him, the expansion of this infrastructure will allow the accommodation of large airplanes and ease the movement of people and goods in the region.

Addressing 50,000 people, João Lourenço slammed the opponents, whom he accused of seeking to obfuscate the reality by criticising the Government under the ruling MPLA on the basis of lies and falsehood.

The politician stated that with the achievement of peace 15 years ago, key infrastructure have emerged, such as bridges, thousands of kilometers of roads and railways.

The country also witnessed the emergence of dams, although they are still insufficient to meet the people's dynamics of the economy," added the MPLA candidate.

João Lorenço described the current situation as being better than that of 2002, as more hospitals, educational institutions and other infrastructures were built.

Some 336, 692 people have registered in Lunda Norte to vote for August 23 elections.