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Elections/2017: CNE concerned about silence among parties' observers

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 11:13 - Politics

Luanda - The National Electoral Commission (CNE) has voiced concern about the silence among the observers hand-picked by the political parties competing for August 23 elections.

  • Júlia Ferreira, CNE spokesperosn
  • Detail of meeting between CNE and SADC observers
  • Suzan Kolimba - Chief of SADC observers
  • delegation of SADC observers

The concern was expressed Friday by CNE spokeswoman, Júlia Ferreira, to the press after a meeting with the SADC observer mission.

The CNE official stressed that the silence among the observers of the political parties and coalition, called to oversee the electoral process, is worrying the CNE taking into account the need to provide them with credentials in time.

Julia Ferreira said that the deadline for the accreditation of observers had not been set yet, adding that a seminar has been arranged for 19th August to ensure a significant number until this date, specially of the international observers.

According to her,  some political parties allege insufficient financial resources to support the expenses of their observers, without further details.

Observers invited by the President of Republic, regional organisations, representatives of diplomatic missions as well as the European Union experts, have been accredited.

On the other hand, the head of SADC observer mission, Suzan Kolimba said that the 70 inspectors she leads have already been accredited and announced the official launch of her mission in Angola on Saturday.

Each party competing for elections is entitled to 18 observers.