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Angola: French entities honour Agostinho Neto

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 07:39 - Politics

Luanda - The French ambassador, Sylvain Itté, and the commander of the French forces stationed in Gabon, Brigadier General Charles de Kersabiec, paid on Thursday a tribute to Agostinho Neto, the founding President of the Republic of Angola.

  • Angola: French entities honour Agostinho Neto
  • French General of brigade, Charles de Kersiabec, honours Agostinho Neto

In the memorial of Agostinho Neto, the ambassador and the brigadier general laid wreaths and bowed before the sarcophagus where the remains of Agostinho Neto are laid, who died on September 10, 1979, in Moscow, formerly USSR, by illness.

The head of the French diplomatic mission praised the figure of Agostinho Neto, who, according to him, inspires the strengthening of cooperation relations between Angola and France.

The brigadier general, who is also in charge of cooperation with the countries of Central Africa, was a moment to express the respect and admiration of the founding president of Angola.

He said his three-day visit to Angola aimed at exchanging information with military authorities and studying the possibility of new partnerships, particularly in the training and preparation of military personnel.

Members of the crew of the French ship EV Jacoubet, in Angola, were part of the guided tour to the memorial Dr. Agostinho Neto, inaugurated on September 17, 2012, whose architectural work aimed at perpetuating the memory of the leader of the armed struggle for national liberation, a man of State and culture and humanist.