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Angola: Vice president expects municipalities to ensure national development

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 19:12 - Politics

Luanda - Angola?s vice President of the Republic Bornito de Sousa Tuesday in Luanda spoke of the need to view the municipality as a source of national development.

  • Bornito de Sousa - Vice president of Republic
  • Participants at Forum on municipalities and cities of Angola
  • Participants at Forum on municipalities and cities of Angola

He said that this process entails new structuring paradigms of the public services and, above all, more competences, financial resources and better human resources for the municipalities.

Bornito de Sousa was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Fifth Forum of municipalities and cities of Angola.

According to him, the Government is preparing a set of measures to strengthen administrative de-concentration and greater articulation between central and local government.

The vice president spoke of the need to ensure that municipalities should be run by honest men and women capable to take up the current challenges.

According to him, this include mainly investing in men and equipping them with the best staff.

The official also spoke of the need to promote the authority imposed by strictness, quality of work, ethics and morality, but never by arrogance.

Bornito de Sousa believes that the success of the municipalisation process depends mainly on municipal managers capable of placing themselves at the highest levels of ethics and patriotism.

The official also pointed out the restructuring of territorial administration inspection services and the sector's inspection services in order to prevent conduct harmful to the public interest.

The vice president also defended the municipalisation of services, according to each reality, introducing the necessary corrections, with a view to recovering the trust of the citizen in the institutions.

Bornito de Sousa stressed the need to reflect on the collecting and allocating process of some revenues from the municipalities.

According to him, the move will help foster a growing culture of collection and ensure that the funds raised are quickly put at the service of the population.

The strengthening of administrative de-concentration and the municipalisation of services should lead to administrative decentralisation and the first municipal elections in the country in the current legislature, he said.

He recalled that the gradual implementation of local authorities was an electoral pledge to be fulfilled.