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Brazilian actor defends interchange among artists

Fri, 12 Jul 2019 13:42 - Culture

Luanda - Brazilian actor Pablo Oliveira said last Thursday in Luanda that it is necessary to permanently boost the exchange between the artists of various countries, such as Angola, as it strengthens them and allows a deeper knowledge of different cultures.

  • Brazilian actor Pablo Oliveira
  • Angola: Members of a Brazilian theatre company
  • Simão Paulino, spokesman of the International Theatre Circuit (CIT)

Pablo Oliveira has been in Angola since Tuesday to participate in the 4th edition of the International Theatre Circuit (CIT), which will be held in Luanda from June 29 to September 16.

"I am in Angola for the first time, through the CIT, but before I came here I had a distorted view on Angola. I thought it was a lot of crime. I came here, I was welcomed and I now have another vision of this country", he said.

According to Pablo Oliveira, who is head of a theatre company, the contact with the Angolan actors, for the first time, is being very good so this presence is the beginning of other partipations.

Simão Paulino, a CIT spokesman, pointed out that the artistic and cultural exchange is the reason for the event, so the participation of groups from other countries will continue to raise the name of Angola abroad.

Concerning theatre in Brazil, the Brazilian actor explained that he is in a challenging moment due to the impact of the internet.