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Ministry wants to boost Historic Center of Mbanza Kongo

Fri, 05 Jul 2019 18:29 - Culture

Mbanza Kongo - The Minister of Culture, Maria de Jesus, Friday in Zaire province, defended the need to boost the historic site of Mbanza Kongo, so that it can contribute to the region's sustainable development.

  • Minister of culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus

According to the minister, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Kongo International Festival of Culture and Arts (FestiKongo), actions should not be limited to protecting and preserving the attributes of its exceptional universal value, but to boost it to bring benefits to the local population and youth through the promotion of further studies and development of the cultural, creative and cultural tourism industries.

"The continuity of studies on this important historical city will be a permanent task that will soon lead us to the creation of a Study Center, associated with the preservation and enhancement of Mbanza Kongo," he said.

He said that FestiKongo is a platform for exchange and sharing of knowledge and values of the Kongo culture.