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Minister wants spaces for debate on national culture

Thu, 10 Jan 2019 16:37 - Culture

Luanda - The Minister of Culture, Carolina Cerqueira defended Wednesday in Luanda that is important the creation of a space for debate to rethink the national culture and to establish new areas for action, capable of giving sustainability to the plans and goals aligned in the PND 2018/2022 and that define the policies of governance in the field of culture.

  • Minister of Culture, Carolina Cerqueira (centre.) with Angolan artists (file)

The incumbent Minister who was speaking at the opening of the forum Agostinho Neto and culture, predicted that cultural policies will have an impact in the fields of creative economics and cultural education, contributing to the diversity of cultural expressions and greater involvement of civil society as actors in the implementation cultural policies and services.

Carolina Cerqueira, in this way said that the promotion of culture as a source of sustainable development will be promoted, seeking in the private sector the support for the development of broad intervention networks and achievements.

In the domain of sustainable development, Carolina Cerqueira emphasized that it is indisputable that culture assumes a great intervention role, since investment in this area worldwide and especially in the least developed countries is the smallest in the last decade.

The minister stressed that there is an urgent need to stimulate cultural and artistic production so that the creative industry can contribute to sustainable development and to eradicate poverty and reduce social vulnerability, providing a source of inexhaustible creativity and innovation capable of offering employment to individuals and social groups, guaranteeing them a platform for expression in defense of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Regarding the challenges, the minister pointed out the need for mobility of artists and their works, as it is a crucial premise for the heterogeneity of ideas, values ​​of sharing, capable of promoting a vibrant, resilient culture with access and development of new technologies in the implementation of cultural policies.

The minister also stressed how important the relationship between the cultural and tourism sectors is, in order to take advantage of the country's tourism potential, with greater boldness of artists and promoters of shows, in creating a cultural agenda that accompanies the development that is expected for the tourism sector.