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Minister highlights importance of teacher qualification

Mon, 13 Jan 2020 16:46 - Education

Luanda - The importance of teacher training in English for the development of professional skills, focused on improving the performance of classroom work, was highlighted Monday by Education Minister Ana Paula Elias.

  • Minister of Education, Ana Tuavanje Elias

The need arises from the fact that English language teaching in public schools in Angola is provided by an unqualified teaching majority, since the 1,886 registered teachers, only 28 per cent are qualified.

Speaking at the opening of the training action for trainers of English-language teachers, the official said that the training is centered on modern English teaching strategies and techniques, in order to promote effective learning that allows the student to use the language for various purposes and domains.

The training is part of the objective of the National Program for Training and Management of Teaching Staff, approved by Presidential Decree No. 205/18, of 3 September, which seeks to provide teachers in service with opportunities for the development of professional skills, centered on improvement of classroom teaching performance.

As part of the resumption of cooperation with the British Council, the initiative is also part of the National Development Plan which foresees that by 2022, 25,000 (in-service) teachers will complete continuing education programs for skills upgrading.

In his turn, the first secretary of the British embassy, ​​David Hinchin, said that the program aims to improve the quality of English language teaching, facilitate digital literacy, help young people employability, among others.

The English Language Teacher Trainer Training Program is addressed to national coordinators and English language teachers and will last 10 days.