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Luanda has over 96,000 vacancies for 2020 academic year 2020

Tue, 14 Jan 2020 18:28 - Education

Luanda - At least 96,135 places are available in Luanda for general education in the academic year 2020, Education Minister Ana Paula Elias said Tuesday in Luanda.

This year Luanda also receives 21 new schools, eight of them ready for operation, in a total of 332 classrooms in the centralities of Zango 5, Sequele, Maye Maye, Luanda municipality and KK5000, which are associated with the previous 773.

The Cabinet minister, who was speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the Provincial Directorate of Education, acknowledged that they were not enough, which represents one of the Government's greatest concerns.

According to the minister, the process of registration and enrollment is ongoing, despite some constraints, but they were overcome with the extension of enrollment for two more days.

Regarding the visit, the minister said she found a scenario that can already be considered satisfactory and positive for the beginning of the school year, which is scheduled to start on 5 February.

To serve the schools, Luanda will also have 30,000 teachers.