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UAN, SKNU and AU sign mathematics agreement

Mon, 02 Dec 2019 18:40 - Education

Luanda - An agreement aimed at the exchange of experience between mathematics teachers, upgrading them and education methodologies was signed this Monday, in Luanda, between Agostinho Neto University (UAN), the South Korea National University and the African Union Mathematics.

  • Assinatura de Memorando
  • Maria do Rosário Sambo, Ministra do Ensino Superior
  • Professora Maria da Natividade
  • Signing of the Memorandum

The agreement, was signed at the third Pan-African Mathematics meeting hosted by Angola on Wednesday, by UAN Rector Pedro Magalhães, South Korean National University Principal  Hee-Chan Lew, and the African Union  Chairperson  of Mathematics, Nouzha El Yacoubi.

About the meeting, the Minister of Higher Education, Science Technology and Innovation, Maria Bragança do Rosário Sambo, said that the cutting edge of mathematics education requires the qualification of the teacher, its improvement, the transformation of its vision and the need for updating curricula, as many are obsolete, outdated and not suited to new technologies.

Maria do Rosário Sambo added that these requirements motivate the reversal of the deficiencies in mathematics learning by conducting studies and research activities aimed at the emerging of new pedagogical procedures.

The Cabinet minister stressed that mathematics is a living and dynamic subject, not sympathetic to the static, abstract and complex teaching, which only contributes to exclusion, due to the high rate of failure it has caused.

On the other hand the event's coordinator, Maria de Natividade said that the Luanda meeting brings together math experts to exchange among the various specialists and researchers in the subject teaching, to improve the quality of education for Angola and Africa in general.

Angola, according to Maria da Natividade, is wrong on this issue, that is why it is important to awaken the country and see what paths others have taken and are trying to improve quality.

She said that the cause of the bad mathematics in Angola is the poor preparation of the teacher, because nobody gives what they do not have. "It is necessary to prepare the teacher, have good teacher education policies, to improve, because the fundamental issue is the quality of the teacher," she said.

The third Pan-African Mathematics Education space is under the slogan “The professional development of mathematics teachers in Africa” under the aegis of the African Union.