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Minister of Education works in Cuando Cubango

Tue, 10 Jul 2018 12:22 - Education

Menongue - The minister of Education, Maria Cândida Teixeira, works since Monday in the south-western Cuando Cubango Province, aimed at assessing the current functional status of the sector in that province.

  • Cuando Cubango: Education minister, Maria Cândida Teixeira and governor Pedro Mutindi

The head of education was received by the governor, Pedro Mutindi, accompanied by members of the government.

In brief statement to the press, Maria Cândida Teixeira said that her visit to Cuando Cubango aims to verify what has been done in the education sector in the province.

The official's visit to this province coincided with the holding, on Tuesday, of the public tender to recruit new teachers, a process that will be accompanied by the minister and her delegation.

Maria Cândida Teixeira said that after the contest, she will continue with work schedule until Friday, which includes a visit to the municipality of Cuchi, 93 kilometres west of Menongue, in order to radiograph the sector.