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Angolan government to open public tender in education within two weeks

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 09:58 - Education

Mbanza Kongo - The Ministry of Education plans to launch public tender for the admission of new teachers in two weeks, said on Sunday in Mbanza Kongo, Zaire province, the inubent ministerh, Maria Cândida Teixeira.

  • Zaire: Maria Cândida Teixeira - Education minister
  • Zaire: Meducation minister

The minister told the pres that her ministry is taking care of the administrative procedures for launching the public tender.

According to her, it is also awaited by the dispatches to be drawn up by the Ministries of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security (Maptess), Territory Administration and Reform of the State and Finance in order to proceed with the said public tender.

"As soon as these procedures are completed, we will start the whole process for the start of the public tender," she said.

It is important to remember that 20,000 new teachers are expected to be recruited in the country in the current school year.

Referring to the two-day strike by teachers in the country, the minister said that her ministry is committed to resolving the issue of the organic status of the teaching staff that most concerned the class, stressing that this commitment was also assumed at the highest level of the government.

Referring to the visit, the minister said she would like to see the operation of the sector in the region, during which her delegation should hold working meetings with the local government and the provincial directorate of education.

This is the first visit by Maria Cândida Teixeira to Zaire province since she took over the leadership of the ministry in late 2017.