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EGTI pledges to step up land inspection in Kilamba city

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 08:48 - Economy

Luanda - Infrastructure Land Management Company (EGTI) has announced plans to reinforce the inspection in the surrounding areas of Kilamba satellite city, Luanda province.

  • Kilamba city unveiled in 2011

A company's source told Angop Tuesday that there was a growing trend of illegal land occupation which are transformed into field crops, pledging to destroy them immediately.

The areas are those of the Via Expressa (1) and Neves Bendinha avenue (2), whose occupation of the former dates back to the beginning of the construction of Kilamba city, in 2008, and which keeps expanding.

The sources also said the size of this field crop has increased by 50%, currently occupying about 52 hectares of land.

In Neves Bendinha, the field crops started this year (2020), occupying more than 1 hectare, according to the source.

"So far, no one has been held responsible, although EGTI has guaranteed full support for the Local Administration, since the beginning of its activities, aimed  to ensure control of the area", he declared.

The company held Monday an awareness campaign to curb the illegal occupation of land in Kilamba city.