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District Integrated Intervention plan kicks off in Cuanza Sul

Sat, 23 May 2020 16:01 - Economy

Sumbe - The implementation of infrastructures projects for the Integrated Plan of Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM) in the Cassongue and Conda municipalities in Cuanza Sul province started this Saturday aimed at building schools, earthworks and water system rehabilitation.

For the Cassongue municipality, the project includes the construction and equiping of a seven-classroom school in Dumbi commune, estimated at 103.3 million kwanzas and another school with the same number of classrooms in Camangãlãlã neighborhood, budgeted in 100.9 million Kwanzas.

In Conda municipality is planned the construction and equipping of a seven-classroom school at Hongo neighborhood, Cunjo commune which is budgeted in 79.8 million kwanzas and works of earthworks estimated at 149 million Kwanzas. 

However, in the same location it is expected the rehabilitation of a market worth nine million of kwanzas, supplying of sanitary equipments, 24 million of kwanzas and the rehabilitation of water system and home supply network with 71.2 million Kwanzas. 

For Quilenda and Cela communes, the implemented works of PIIM are due to start on Friday.