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Work for North and South electrical power connection starts in Huila

Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:15 - Economy

Lubango - A team from the National Energy Transport Network Monday began a fieldwork in the municipality of Matala, to study the environmental impact of the areas where high voltage towers will be installed, to transport energy from Lauca, within the framework of the process of interconnection of the north and south regions of the country.

  • Northern substations will interlinking southern system

The execution of the contract, carried out by Aurecon, will allow the energy produced in the Lauca Dam in the province of Malanje to reach the south of the country in the next three years, through a very high voltage line that will pass through Cuanza Sul and Huambo .

The official responsible for Aurecon, who runs the project, Isabel Silva said that the program includes two phases, divided by an environmental impact study and the other linked to the installation of the towers.

The intention is to interconnect the electric systems of Angola, especially the North, Center and South of the country, opening the possibility of selling the product to countries like Namibia and vice versa, in case of excess or deficit in production.

Currently the construction of the line that comes from Lauca is in the direction of Huambo, after having reached Cela municipality, in Cuanza Sul.