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Angola, Sweden combine effort to increase turnover

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 16:35 - Economy

Stockholm - Angolan entrepreneurs and Swedish investors met Thursday in Swedish city of Stockholm to identify new forms and areas of cooperation for increasing turnover between the two countries.

  • AIPEX manager, Sandra Dias dos Santos, in Stockholm
  • Angolan delegation in Sweden
  • Angolan entrepreneurs at the meeting with Swedish investors

The seminar took place under the motto "Time to increase business activities in Angola".

The meeting essentially aimed to promote the rapprochement between Angolan and Swedish businessmen, investors and diplomats.

Angola, through the Agency for Private Investment and Export Promotion (AIPEX), presented the advantages and reasons for Swedish and other investors interested in investing in various sectors of the Angolan economy.

Speaking on “Business Opportunity in Angola”, AIPEX manager, Sandra Dias dos Santos, said that the Angolan market is attractive and receptive, with a changing business climate, coupled with a set of incentives.

Prior, the Sweden's ambassador to Angola, Lennart Killander Larsson, focused on "State of Politics and Economy in Angola".

He told his countrymen that this African country is a viable and safe destination for foreign investments.

More than 60 participants attended the meeting, focused on the search for investments in Angola and competitiveness for Angolan companies through the promotion and internationalisation of their businesses.