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Block 0 delivers boats to fishermen

Fri, 11 Jan 2019 17:33 - Economy

Cabinda - Fishermen from the Cabinda and Cacongo municipality seat received Friday seven new boats and 13 outboard engines, in a joint initiative of Chevron and Assoaciated in Bloco 0.

The vessels delivered to the fishing associations of Cabinda and Cacongo, namely APESCAB and AVOPESCA, respectively, are valued at US $ 150,000.

Two of them will be dedicated to rescue and rescue services off the coast of Cabinda, while the other five will be used for catching fish.

Chevron's chief operating officer, Dale Haine, said that with the delivery of the vessels, he hopes to strengthen the catch capacity of the fishermen and endow them with means of emergency on the high seas.

At the time, the deputy governor of Cabinda for Economic Affairs, Macário Romão Lembe, stressed that the vessels will contribute to the fishing activity in the province.

The fishermen, in a gesture of thanks, promised to make a careful management of the means and increase the fish catch.

The Fishermen's Association in the municipality of Cacongo (AVOPESCA) controls 500 fishermen, while the municipality of Cabinda APESCAB has more than 1000 members.