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Governor encourages increased artisanal fishing

Thu, 11 Oct 2018 17:22 - Economy

Camacupa - The governor of Bié, Pereira Alfredo, Wednesday encouraged the increase in the catch of fish in the Kwanza, Cunje and other rivers in the municipality of Camacupa, 82 kilometers east of Cuito, with the delivery of fishing equipment and extraction of honey.

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The material delivered by the governor, included in the program to combat hunger and poverty, includes six fish farms (thermal box, nets, hook) and 18 hives and their respective protective equipment for the extraction of honey.

Speaking to Angop, the governor, Pereira Alfredo said that the action aims to support the small cooperatives of the province to develop their activity and ensure the self-support of their families.

The idea, according to the official is to continue to encourage small farmers, fish farmers and peasants to promote diversification of the province's economy.

On behalf of the others, António Sangueve, an 78-year-old old man who has been a honey producer for 36 years, praised the government for its support, adding that supply could certainly increase production, which he considers to be profitable due to demand.