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Uige: Coffee harvest open at Quinvototo farm

Mon, 09 Jul 2018 14:36 - Economy

Uíge - The coffee harvest campaign in the northern Uige province opened on Friday at the Quingototo farm in the municipality of Bungo.

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To boost coffee production in the region, the local government donated working tools and 2000 trees of coffee.

The Quinvototo farm, which lies 40 kilometers north of the capital Uíge province, expects to harvest 12 tonnes of coffee, an increase of two tonnes compared to the previous season.

In addition to coffee, the farm also produces products such as cassava, banana, corn, peanuts, beans, avocados.

The opening ceremony of the coffee harvest was attended by the provincial governor of Uíge Pinda Simão, Minister of Commerce Jofre Van-Dunem Júnior and the Secretary of State for Forestry, André de Jesus Moda.