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Biocom has already produced 15% of expected sugar

Wed, 13 Jun 2018 18:20 - Economy

Malanje - Angola's Bioenergy Company (Biocom), in the municipality of Cacuso, Malanje province, has already produced 15,100 thousand tons of sugar planned for this year.

  • Malanje: Kapanda Sugar produced by BIOCOM (file)

This production of the country's only sugar company begins to be commercialized to the economic agents of the municipality of Cacuso, to boost the retail trade and expansion of the product, according to the deputy director of the company, Luís Bagorro.

The manager, who was speaking at a meeting with Malanje economic operators today, said that a campaign will be developed to promote the quality of sugar and the sale could extend to entrepreneurs from other provinces of the country associated with the Biocom project at the prices of AKZ 7,500 and 7,800 a 50 kg bag.

The traders praised Biocom's initiative to sell sugar locally as it opens up opportunities for all economic agents and fosters economic growth, revenue generation and employment for the youth.