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Congolese authorities want creation of common market

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 10:50 - Economy

DRC - The opening of a Common Market for commercial interchange constitutes the main point on the agenda of the authorities of five DR Congo provinces that border the Lunda Norte Province of Angola, proposed for debate last Thursday in Kananga,, capital of the West Kassai Province of DRC.

The acting governor of the host province, Justin  Milonga-Milonga, manifested the said intention on a message of courtesy to the Angolan commission, co-ordinated by the Interior Ministry’s provincial delegate to Lunda Norte Province, commissioner Alfredo Quintino “Nilo”.  

The meeting is analysing the migratory and refugees situations, defence and security at the borders, among other existing protocols with a social nature, namely in the areas of health, higher education, transport, trade, industry, agriculture, cattle-breeding and fisheries.    

Similar meetings have already taken place before, however they had been cancelled due to the level of instability in the Congolese provinces of Kasai and West Kasai.