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Moxico: Cameia peasants stop producing rice

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 10:30 - Economy

Luena - The peasants of Cameia municipality, eastern Moxico province, will no longer produce rice during the current agricultural campaign due to lack of rice peeling machine.

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This was said on Thursday to Angop by the municipal director of Agriculture, Tchifunga Nguza.

He explained that the reason behind this decision was due the fact that the 23 tons of rice produced last year remain stocked in warehouses, as the peasants have no rice peeling machine.  

According to him, the local peasants also expects to produce more than 50.000 tons of maize, peanuts, cassava and fruits against the 38.000 tons harvested last year, which involved 671 families.


Calmeia’s municipal Agriculture directorate controls 14 peasants association and 690 individual peasants.