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Angola to have marine research vessel

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 07:30 - Economy

Luanda - Angola will have, as from next year, a marine research vessel called "Oceanographic Ship of Scientific Research Baia Farta", with a view to deepening the discovery and identification of new marine resources on the Angolan and regional coast.

  • Minister of Fisheries and of the sea, Victória de Barros Neto
  • officials briefed on the operaTION OF THE VESSEL
  • operation room of Norway vessel

The guarantee was given on Thursday in Luanda by the Minister of Fisheries and the Sea, Victória de Barros Neto, noting that the Angolan marine research ship is being built in the Netherlands and will arrive in the country next year.

The official spoke on board the Norwegian research vessel, Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, who has been carrying out research work on the Angolan coast since 21 September, a vessel that moored at the Luanda Port on Thursday. The investigations will go until next November 14.

Victoire de Barros Neto highlighted the arrival of the Angolan ship as a decisive factor to strengthen the research of several marine species.

According to the minister, the results and experiences gained in the investigation of the Norwegian vessel will be applied and reflected on the Angolan ship.

She said that the partnership between Angola and Norway in the fisheries sector will evolve into the development of common data centers where scientists can interact and share research results by creating a more comprehensive and integrated approach to other ocean sciences.

The official said that research vessels in Norway have contributed significantly to deepening the knowledge of the oceans and the sea in various countries around the world, particularly in Angola, since 1985.

He said that Norwegian vessels have carried out scientific research campaigns annually along the Angolan coast in order to estimate and study the abundance of the main fishing resources and relate their dynamics to environmental variability.

With these campaigns, the country is proud to have a data series of 31 years, which is considered as a national heritage that allows to have a safe information of marine biodiversity and scientific basis necessary for a rational and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

The opening ceremony of the ship Dr. Fridjof Nansen was witnessed by the Transport Minister, Augusto Tomás, Environment Minister, Paula Coelho, Provincial Governor of Luanda, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, a diplomatic corps accredited to Angola and Chargé d'Affaires of the Norwegian Embassy, Havard Hosnes.

At the time, the officials had the opportunity to visit several compartments that comprise the ship, where they received several explanations on the operation of this means of maritime transport.

The ship Dr. Fridjof Nansen, composed of 15 Norwegian and Angolan crew and technicians, is the third with this denomination and one of the largest in the world, whose technology allows the mapping of marine resources, as well as determine the level of pollution of the sea, especially at the micro-plastics level, an ever-increasing threat.

Cooperation between Angola and Norway, under the Nansen programme, is a partnership that dates back to 1985, when the first ship took the first cruise on the African coast, including Angola.

In addition to the fishery resources, the two countries also have cooperation agreements in the areas of oil, renewable energy and human rights, with Angola being Norway's largest economic partner in Africa.