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Huíla: TAAG transports over 42,000 passengers in 2016

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:35 - Economy

Lubango - The Angola Airline (TAAG) in southern Huíla province transported 42,146 passengers in 2016, which is shorter by five as compared with the previous year, Angop learned.

  • An Angolan Airline (TAAG) TAAG B-777-300 ER aircraft

According to a source from the company, in 2015 TAAG  carried 35,000 tons of cargo in the province, attracting revenues of Akz 1.8 billion (1 Usd=Akz 165)

In the period in respect6, TAAG got in Huíla Akz 1.7 billion of revenue in the transportation of passengers, while transported cargo earned the company Akz 12.7 million, the source also said.

The above figures show an increase of Akz 149.8 million in the transportation of passengers and Akz 475,827 from the cargo service, as compared to the previous year, it was also said referring to TAAG operations in Huíla.

The source said that 735 domestic direct and triangular flights were made in the province, which is an addition of 35 comparing to the year 2015. The flights included connections with Luanda and Ondjiva (southern Cunene province), as well as international trips to Windhoek, neighbouring republic of Namibia.

As to the traffic at Huíla’s Mukanka International Airport, the source mentioned the operation of 4,296 aircrafts in 2016, which is 277 less than the previous period.

Of the above, 3,842 aircrafts flew domestic routes ferrying 56,289 passengers, while the international trips recorded 454 flights transporting 4,634 passengers.


As to transit in the province in respect, TAAG reported 53,139 passengers in 2016, which is 1,139 less than the previous period. 49,277 were domestic passengers. The operation involved 39,432 tons of cargo (loaded) and 59,645 tons unloaded.

The traffic included TAAG and other companies operations.