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Construction of electrical substations ends in 2018

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 15:36 - Economy

Waku-Kungo - Three electric substations that will receive energy from Lauca and Cambambe, in Cela municipality, Cuanza Sul province, will be completed by March 2018, Angop learned today from the Chinese company Zhang Zun.

  • Cuanza Sul: Electrical Substation

The information was advanced during the field visit work carried out by the municipal administrator Amelia Agria Russo, in order to find out about the progress of the works.

The construction of these infrastructures, which will supply energy to the country’s central and southern provinces, has a substation of 400 kilovolts, another of 220 KV and 60 KV, official explained.

During the visit to the substation, the official said that the construction of the power transmission line from Lauca to Waku Kungo and from this to other parts of the country ends at the end of 2018, given the complexity of said work, as well as heavy rains that fall in the regions where the power line will go through.

For the municipal administrator, the arrival of electric power will allow to leverage agro-industry and the development of other sectors.