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Zaire: 2,000 hectares ready for maize under Cuimba's Agro-industrial Project

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 11:27 - Economy

Mbanza Kongo - At least 2,000 hectares, 1,500 for maize and 500 for soybeans have been prepared this season under the Diadia Agro-industrial Project in Cuimba municipality, northern Zaire province.

  • Zaire: A field in Cuimba municipality
  • Zaire: Ridgeway Nyahanana, project director
  • Zaire: Silos and mill in Cuimba

Speaking to Angop, the director of the project, the Zimbabwean Ridgeway Nyahanana, explained that a considerable part of these cereals is meant for the production of animal ration, with a view to the aviaries under construction on the farm.

To this end, according to the official, silos with a capacity of 24,000 tons have been built for the storage of cereals, including a mill to produce 200 tons of ration a month.

At present, he added, the farm employs 60 local workers, a number that might increase to 500, when poultry the project starts producing chickens and eggs.

The Project began to be implemented in September 2014, in an area of 3,000 hectares by a Chinese company.

The municipality of Cuimba is located in the far northeastern part of Zaire province, with a population estimated at 69,194 inhabitants.