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Russian companies invest in fertilizer business

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 18:10 - Economy

Luanda - The fertilizer market will soon have competition from two companies from the Russian Federation, which will provide simple and compound fertilizers at affordable prices to producers, aiming to increase the supply of agricultural inputs and minimize production costs in Angola.

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  • Increase of fertilizers contributes to reduction of prices

These are the companies "Uralkali" (world leader of the Potassium Chloride industry) and "Uralchem", the second largest ammonium producer in the world, who have been available and interested in supplying these fertilizers, which are indispensable for agricultural production in Angolan market.

The supply of fertilizers will depend greatly on the negotiation between importers / producers and suppliers of fertilizers.

To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MINAF) joined on Tuesday in Luanda the businessmen and operators of the agricultural sector of Angola and the Republic of the Russian Federation to exchange experiences and negotiate the process of acquiring agricultural inputs.

On the occasion, the director of the Technical Unit for the Support to Public Investment (UTAIP), António Sozinho, said that the meeting between the entrepreneurs is part of the strategy drawn up by the Angolan Government, which aims to increase the supply of inputs and lower the prices currently practiced on the national market.

Following this strategy, he reiterated, the Government has facilitated contact and negotiations with the major fertilizer producing countries so that importers directly purchase this raw material from suppliers at affordable prices without going through any intermediary.