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Normal fuel oil supply to cement factories resumes

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 09:57 - Economy

Luanda - The Luanda Refinery last Friday made the first supply of fuel oil to the cement factories of the China International Fund (CIF) and the Kwanza Sul Cement Factory (FCKS), after a few weeks interruption in the supply of this product.

  • Luanda Refinery

According to a press note from the state-owned National Fuel Society (Sonangol), with such move, the Luanda Refinery put an end to a series of constraints and operational hindrances that started in the year 2003.   

With the appearance of new cement production plants in the last ten years, the Luanda Refinery made several adjustments to the supply of fuel oil, including the improvement of its quality and, consequently, raised the price of the product, which brought about difficulties to the clients.

Moreover, until recently and for the past ten years the supply of fuel oil was under the management of the Nova-Cimangola cement factory, which benefited from an agreement with the Luanda Refinery and Sonangol, since at the time Nova-Cimangola was the only user of fuel oil.

Meanwhile, the Luanda Refinery has been undergoing a modernisation process, which has recently enabled it to stabilise its fuel oil production and supply adjusted to the demands of the market.

ANGOP has learnt that the fuel oil produced by the Luanda Refinery is of high quality, reason why it is sold even internationally at a higher price, because of the demand.