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Lack of cement hinders construction works in Mbanza Kongo

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 18:16 - Economy

Mbanza Kongo - The city of Mbanza Kongo, capital of Zaire province, has been facing for more than a week, a glaring shortage of cement in the commercial circuit, forcing several construction works to be shut down.

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In a round held today, Tuesday, through several stores that sell the product, in this city, the Angop reporting team verified that they are completely empty and closed.

This situation is worrying the citizens engaged in the construction of their own house, making their dream increasingly unrealistic.

In some contracts, the dismay of the owners who expressed their lack of cement and no hope for a short-term cash solution were visible.

Some citizens, who spoke to Angop, complained that a bag of 50 kilograms of cement in the local market cost three thousand Kwanzas, against the one thousand and 250 Kwanzas practiced three months ago.