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Kabuscorp and 1º de Agosto heat up Girabola2017's 15th round on Sunday

Fri, 19 May 2017 06:39 - Sports

Luanda - Kabuscorp do Palanca and 1º de Agosto will face each other at 6 p.m on Sunday at Luanda?s 11 de Novembro stadium in the highlight match of the 15th round of the National First Division Football Championship (Girabola2017).

  • 1º do Agosto football squad
  • Kabuscorp do Palanca football team

Separated by four points, 1º de Agosto, who lead the competition with 33 points and Kabuscorp lying third with 29 points, have everything to heat up the Sunday night, as it is considered one of the most wanted "derby" of the national football.

In the previous round, 1º de Agosto beat ASA by 2-0, while their opponent lost away to Recreativo da Caála 2-0.

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