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Basketball: Angola team coach focused on physical, technical skills

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 11:45 - Sports

Luanda - During his first meeting with Angolan senior basketball team, the new head coach, William Bryant Voigt, focused on the players’ physical work and technical skills, seeking to build a strong and cohesive squad ahead of coming matches.

  • A training session of the national men basketball team (file)
  • New Angola's basketball team coach William Bryant Voigt

Speaking to the press at the end of a training session, the team’s coach stressed that the above said aspects will be a continued process during the training sessions, without damage to the defensive and offensive aspects.

According to the American coach, the purpose is to sift through the working group and come out with a compact squad for the final touch. 

The players that participated in the training session include:

Carlos Cabral, Edson Ndoniema, Malick Cisse, Islando Manuel, Leandro Conceição (1º de Agosto),

Roberto Fortes, Teotónio Dó (Sport Libolo e Benfica),

Gelson Gonçalves, Edmir Lucas (Petro de Luanda),

Gerson Domingos, José Salvador, Fidel Cabita, Ngombo Rogério, Alexandre Jungo, Miguel Kiala ( Interclube).

Olímpio Cipriano, Hermenegildo Mbunga, Leonel Paulo and  Felizardo Ambrósio missed the session, while Valdelício Joaquim, Carlos Morais, Yanick Moreira  are expected to join in soon.

The team is due to hold another training session Tuesday at 06:pm at Luanda’s Cidadela pavilion.