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Post office contributes to revenue collection - official

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 15:22 - Science and Technology

Luanda - Postal Services can contribute to medium- and long-term revenue collection through job creation.

  • Secretary of State for telecommunication, Mário Augusto Oliveira.

The information was released Friday by the Angolan Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Mário Augusto Oliveira.

The official was speaking at the opening of a series of lectures on the importance of the Post Office in Angola.

The event was held under the motto "The Post Office of Angola and its services for the promotion of micro-small business".

He spoke of ongoing adoption of proximity policies and service quality in this area of the economy.

Mário Augusto de Oliveira added that this proximity creates a driving force to reduce unemployment by encouraging the youth to create entrepreneurial opportunities.

He said that services are intended to bring safety, swiftness and quality, creating a patented differential for socio-economic development.

"We know and hear about the situations of scam and loss of goods. The Post Office will terminate this action that impair the activity of these small and medium-sized business class," he said.

Mário Augusto Oliveira also referred to the work done in cooperation with board of directors and the sponsorship of the Ministry on the importance of inserting credible mechanisms to reach potential investors.