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Angola opens Postal Bank

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:07 - Science and Technology

Luanda - A Postal Bank will be launched Tuesday in Luanda to ensure commercial activities and promote sustainable creation of employment in the country.

  • Telecommunications Ministry
  • Angola's Post Offices building
  • National Director of Postal service, Walter Teixeira

The fact was announced Monday by  national director of Postal Service, Walter Teixeira.

Speaking to Angop, Walter Teixeira said that the initiative will help boost the national economy by fostering financial inclusion and the formalisation of commercial activities.

According to him, the Postal Bank will meet the people's needs in terms of payments of goods and services in a single institution.

Resorting to the mail system, the citizen can do everything, ranging from payment of electricity, water to the insurance, he said.

The official emphasised that postal services can be developed in the country, in order to support mail services in Angola enabling other promoters to speed up their services.

Postal Bank is operating in partnership with firms like Angola's National Post and Telegraph Company, Insurance company of Angola (ENSA), Group ENSA - Participation and Investments, EGM Capital and C8 Capital.