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Country gains scientific book on biodiversity

Wed, 22 May 2019 11:24 - Environment

Luanda - A scientific book on the Angolan biodiversity, identifying relevant aspects of fauna, flora and conservation areas, was launched on Tuesday in Luanda by Kissama Foundation.

  • Country gains scientific book on biodiversity
  • Country gains scientific book on biodiversity

The book entitled "Biodiversity of Angola, Science and Conservation: A Modern Synthesis" brings general aspects of the national biodiversity, related to fauna, marine, floristic aspects, among others.

The book has 703 pages, 20 chapters which can be addressed by an emerging generation of biodiversity scientists and conservation professionals in Angola.

The book points to research from the first expeditions from 1800 to 1900 to date, pointing out some important gaps as biomes that are not within the conservation areas and absence of more vegetation.

The rich biodiversity still to be explored, the need for further research, with clues close to conservation activities are also described in the book.

The lack of human resources, such as taxonomists dealing with genetics, tissues, bones and some species, for the systematic classification of different categories constitute some difficulties in scientific research.

Taxonomy is the area responsible for the identification and classification of all the animals and plants that inhabit the Earth, based on the different characteristics they share with each other.

This is the first edition of the book, "Biodiversity of Angola, Science and Conservation: A Modern Synthesis, which adds two versions, one in English (1000 copies available for free in the Internet) and 6000 in Portuguese .

The book was written by four editors, and 46 African, European and American collaborators.