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Lost giraffes found by authorities

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 11:52 - Environment

Luanda - The herd of giraffes that went missing in 2017, but eventually were found in the same year in Luengue-Luiana National Park, in the south-eastern Cuando Cubango Province, are now being closely monitored and cared for by the Environment Ministry.

  • giraffes in Luengue-Luiana national park

The return of the animals in last September 2017 is on the spotlight of the environmental sector of Angola, a fact that caused the elaboration of a strategic plan for their protection and conservation.

The reappearance of the giraffes made Angola win an international prize from the African Fiscal Association.

Speaking to ANGOP, the technician of the Environment Ministry, Manuel Xavier, explained that the monitoring of the species will count on the support of international experts and from the republics of Namibia and Botswana regions to where the animals regularly migrate leaving Angola and vice-versa.

Like the Giant Sable Antelope, the giraffes have been controlled by tracking collar.

The species has been included in the II Attachment of the Migratory Species Convention (CME), which is a typical animal of the region of Luengue-Luiana National Park created in 2011 by the Environment Ministry.

The animal has also been controlled in Quiçama National Park, Luanda, through the project dubbed “Ark of Noah”, an initiative that started with four giraffes, which increased to 32 in the last two years.