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Angola: Car traffic emits 390 micrograms/m3

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:45 - Environment

Luanda - Around three hundred and 90 micrograms per cubic meter (390 G / m3) are emitted by car traffic in Luanda, constituting a concern for the public health of citizens, said Thursday in this city, the minister of Environment , Fatima Jardim.

The government official, who was during the opening ceremony of the Sustainable Cities Economic Forum under the motto "Think global Acting local", said that these data result from a study that the Ministry of the Environment, in partnership with educational institutions, is doing in the framework of the elaboration of the Emissions Plan, taking as an example the capital city of the country, to mitigate this problem.

She pointed out the volume of road traffic and urban mobility as the main factors that have accelerated the process of emissions of gases produced by cars in Luanda.

According to the minister, the creation and transformation of a given city should be based on harmonious programs and policies between the environment and urban life, aiming to ensure the sustainability of cities and the quality of life of citizens in a demanding, specialized and diversified manner.

The official affirmed that the Metropolitan Master Plan of Luanda, which is being implemented by the Government, is a good example of interaction between the central and local policies that accelerate and assume the sustainable development.

She said that the recent approval of the Law of Local Government and other legal instruments that the Government is adopting will make standards increasingly sound so that sustainable cities can be built in all areas of Angola.